Saturday, 26 July 2014

Steamy Dreams is off to the USA!

In the wee hours of the night a short little email pinged into my inbox. Quiet and unassuming, little did it know it was to set off a SQUUUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

*bounce* *bounce* *bounce*
My humble little SteamPunk quilt (ok ok, my pride and joy cloth-child), will be displayed as part of the Bad Ass Quilter's Society exhibition as part of the larger AQS quilt week exhibition in Tennessee!

Travel safe little quilt
This is HUGE for me. My quilt will make it to the USA far before I will. I won't get to see it in the show myself. If any readers are in the Chatanooga area mid-September, could you pretty please go and get me photos? {bats eyelashes}

Time to go try and get my toes to touch the ground again!