Tuesday, 19 August 2014

This week is busy!!

I realised while madly stitching on the hanging sleeve on Fente Hunts in time for hand in this weekend that I hadn't posted in a wee while.

Short Critic #1 twisted my arm to make two of the BOM blocks for Guild on Thursday because he wanted to be in with a chance to win too (aren't I a good mum).
"Ice Crystals" set by June N
Putting two in rather than one, meant that at the meeting there was a nice even number of blocks (perfect size for a baby quilt). SC#1 was so proud of himself writing our names down on the entry form and thanks to my lucky charm - I won for the first time! Yay! And perfect timing as I know the perfect home for this.

My mug rugs for the summertime memories mug rug swap headed off on their journey to New York this week, and once I know they have arrived safely I'll post a picture of what I came up with (hope you like them Betty).

I managed to make myself a lovely little bag for my sewing bits when I stitch out and about - Sew Together Bag. It came together really well despite me using far too thick batting. Hey, it was what I had on hand, but my machine REALLY didn't like sewing through a couple of places

It is almost Tardis-like in the amount of tools you can stuff in here!
I have also made more progress than I thought I would on a slow stitching project I have been taking along to do a few stitches in while waiting for school pick ups. It is amazing what 5 minutes of stitching will add up to pretty quickly. This one is a very long term project so I'll make sure not to spam the blog with too many pics. Might try to remember to do a slow stitching Sunday link up with it soon.

Time to finish a hanging sleeve for me!


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