Thursday, 16 January 2014

Something other than Quilting...

Yesterday I got online to find a new crafty tutorial on one of my favourite blogs:

Jen from Epbot is my hero. She is one of my go-to inspirations for Steampunk craft ideas and I had a major fan-girl moment when she posted a picture of the Steamy quilt I made for my Enabler on her blog.

Basically, it is a tutorial on how to make things looks like they are made of metal plates (using Aluminium tape and some random other bits for texture. Steampunk up your gear!

Looking around I realised I had nearly everything I needed, and I knew where to get the last things I need.

My Enabler is not just into Steampunk, but he has dreams of one day making his own exo-skeleton suit from scratch. For Christmas I gave him a pouch made of robot fabric to keep his doodle/sketch books and pencils safe and together.


Project, plus recipient acquired! When he gets home tonight I'll surprise him with his new artist's sketch book:

Plain page sketch book with a new cover
Detail shot
I'm not claiming that is project was easy or fun, but this is what my 9yo short critic came up with and did himself:
All his own work.

Someone come confiscate my tape before the coffee table gets a work over too!



Monday, 13 January 2014

Goals for the New Year

2014! Welcome, I'm glad you are finally here...

I plan to meet you with gusto. It's an exhibition year for Wellington Quilter's Guild and I intend to get the challenge done as well as at least one entry. Big news in this house is short critic #1 wants to enter too!

So a round up of what I'm working on right now, and what I want to get done before Exhibition:

Going Dotty classes:

I have been booked in to run two classes for this quilt. The first one starts in February and runs for four weeks at QuiltWorks in Lower Hutt. This course costs $60 per person, plus your fabrics etc.

I will also be teaching this as a single all-day class through the Guild at the end of March (not sure what the cost for that one is yet).

Kiwi Christmas:

I have finished the whizzery-pokery on mark II and just in the process of binding it and adding the extras. I will get on to writing the pattern for this next month. Then I will need to order enough parts for kits!

Shine Bright, Sleep Tight:

Now that short critic #2 is sleeping in her big girl bed, she needs her own big girl quilt. I have been playing with the technique for Going Dotty and have nearly finished it. Picture and pattern to follow (again the pattern will have to wait until Feb). It will have lots of modern girly polka dots.

Puppy Love:

This is the quilt short critic #1 is making for the exhibition. It will be a doll quilt for short critic #2 (love my kids!)

Zee Family Tree:

Can't show any photos of this one yet as it is a special tree quilt for a little lad who has just lost someone close to him. So instead have a pic of Helper #1 assisting with Kiwi Christmas II.

And then I have to work out what I am doing for the Exhibition! Man alive I am going to be busy this year...