Thursday, 26 June 2014

Fingers Crossed

Look what popped up in my inbox last night:

I went out on a limb and submitted Steamy Dreams for consideration in an AQS exhibition. So the quilt that is currently hanging on my wall may wing it's way from little Wellington, New Zealand and make it to America before I do...

Now I just have to wait "patiently" to hear if it gets selected.


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

No longer a no-reply blogger

After much swearing and creative use of expletives, I am no longer in no-reply purgatory (I hope). Google+ does NOT make it easy to get out from under their nanny-ing umbrella.

Short post tonight, just wanted to share a pic of the lovely mum and daughter duo I am teaching to sew. They are working on doll quilts. Mum is a wee bit of a perfectionist so daughter is much further ahead!

S has almost finished quilting while J has just finished piecing her top
Mum is going to love foundation piecing I think..

I've been tittering around with a Dresden plate ruler too. Not 100% sure what it is going to be yet but I have some ideas.

Enjoying working with a different palette


Thursday, 12 June 2014

Guild night!

I'm so excited, I've joined my first online swap. The Quilting Gallery summertime memories mug rug swap (if you are curious, click the badge over there ---------> )

I'm looking forward to getting to know my swap partner and curious to see what I'm in for!

But for now tonight is Wellington guild night and Short Critic #1 is coming with me. He is going to his first meeting, now that he is a fully paid up junior member of the guild. That is not all the things I'm looking forward to for guild tonight. Our guest speaker is a blogger I have been following for a while. The lovely Adrienne from The Windy Side. Adrienne was a member of our guild for a while before switching to the Capital Quilters. To be honest I don't blame her, there seem to be a heavier contingent of modern quilters at Capital. Wellington tends to be more traditional.

I wish I had the time and resources to join both.

This month's block of the month was a lovely Autumn leaf block

Fiddly stalk, but fun!
I was given some lovely fabrics by my guild-mate KM to play with. As she is away for the meeting this month, one of these will be going into the draw with her name on it. Good luck K, but not too much luck as I would love to win this one.


Does anyone else follow Megan on The Bitchy Stitcher? She has decided to make a Laughter Quilt, asking for blocks with things that make you laugh written on them. Here is mine:
Toddlers wearing Mum's shoes
I had to re-think as "Things shaped like penises" has already been done. Now to send that off to the States.


New pics to post soon of my latest students, a lovely 8yo girl and her mum have been coming to see me every couple of weeks to learn how to sew. They have almost finished a little doll quilt each, and I'll take a pic after their next session. As a thank you for teaching them, Dad picked me up a couple of goodies when he was traveling to America for work:
I think my geek banner flies high!!
That tin at the back is going to be perfect size to transport my next take everywhere hand sewing project, I'm so spoiled.

Right, off to get ready to go out.