Monday, 14 July 2014

Capital Quilter's Exhibition Part 1

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of enjoying the Capital Quilter's exhibition - Quilting, A Modern Tradition in Lower Hutt.

Unfortunately, a LOT of my photos are blurry as it is tricky to take photos with a 2yo on your shoulders! But I did get some photos of some lovely quilts (after all, there were well over 200 to admire).

First up today, I am going to post up the quilts that were my family's favourites with their commentary of why they liked each quilt.

First is Short Critic #1. As he is a budding quilter himself, I asked for his top 3.

Third favourite:
Guardians of the Night by Patricia O'Grady
"I like the owls and the branches. the stripey edge is cool too"

Second favourite:
Towrags on Target by Debra Delorenzo
"I like all the hexagons, I also really like that the diamonds go in all directions"

Star Wars for Lockie by Beverley Featherstone
"It's Star Wars! It has my fave C-3PO on it!"

My Enabler:
A Piece of Time by Judith Baxter

"This was awesome and intricate, I can definitely see why it took 7 years!"

Short Critic #2:
Gigi by Ngaira Sewell

"Miow cat" (while pointing)

I'll post some photos of ones that caught my eye and some thoughts in my next post


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