Thursday, 3 July 2014

Fan-girl moments

My lovely dragon quilt is finished! After humming and ahhhing over her name for a while, I stopped mucking around and named her for the dragon that inspired her colouring and attitude - Fente from Robin Hobb's Rainwild Chronicles.

Fente Hunts in all her glory:
 I really enjoyed working on her face and the flames
This shot doesn't show off the thread-painting in the flames very well
But my favourite bits are her purple wings (yes I know Fente doesn't have purple wings, but artistic license and all that)
But the absolute best bit?
Literally within weeks of Fente Hunts being completed I found out that Robin Hobb herself was visiting Wellington for a book signing! Unfortunately due to some health issues I was unable to go, but my wonderful Enabler went for me (it helps that he is a fan too) and he took my quilt with him. This is one of the photos that Arty Bees Bookshop posted on their Facebook page.
Fan-girl Squeee!
Look look look:
She autographed it!!!!

And now for something completely different.  I've been playing with my Dresden plate ruler and some yummy sunshiney yellow fabrics

Just screams summer
Looks like a cross between a sunflower and a cog wheel doesn't it?