Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Capital Quilter's Exhibition Part 2

The Quilting, A modern Tradition exhibition was held in the lovely Sacred Heart College auditorium in Lower Hutt.  It was a lovely venue but I did giggle at the the very "Hutt Valley" look of the entrance to the beautiful college (High School to my American readers) with the lovely manicured grounds welcoming people into the show...And an abandoned shopping trolley parked in a garden!

I found it really interesting going through this show as a member of the Wellington Guild. The Capital guild considers itself a "modern" guild. And it is. Through and through. They do have some exceptionally good "traditional" quilters but they are definitely in the minority if you go by the quilts shown. By contrast, the Wellington guild is predominately traditional quilters that often make modern quilts with a handful of purely modern quilters thrown in the mix. It is going to make an interesting contrast when we have our exhibition later this year.

I must apologise for the quality of most of these photos. I was trying to take snaps with a 2yo on my shoulders who loves quilts. She absolutely loves running her sticky little hands across the textures of quilts, so I was doing an interesting dance trying to stand back far enough to take a photo, while not too far because someone would try and throw themselves backwards off me to grab the quilts behind us!

On that note... lots of pictures time!

The first quilt that caught my eye when I walked in was a lovely quilt I had seen online several times on the lovely miss Adrianne's blog The Windy Side and was really pleased to see in person
Purple S-block Quilt by Adrianne Reid

Closely followed by some lovely and "calm" modern and low-volume quilts
I Heart Tula Pink by Anne Read

In the Quietest Moments by Jeanie O'Sullivan
There were a few lovely traditional quilts that really stood out not just because they were gorgeous, but also because they were surrounded by such a fantastic riot of fresh modern quilts
The Seasons Come and Go by Patricia O'Grady

This one stuck out for me not just because of the wonderful execution of all those triangles
Barbed Wire for Barb Dwyer by Ronnie Rutter
But also because all of those black zig-zags have the most glorious perfectly executed feathers winding their way up!
"Keeping with tradition" ribbon - and you don't get much more traditional than those feathers!
This perfectly pieced New York Beauty quilt drew you in from across the room
5 Days and 5 Nights in New York by Tracey Carew
And see those little green starbursts scattered around the borders? Yeah, they were smaller than the palm of my hand and check out those points:

Another couple of quilts that used quite traditional techniques (foundation piecing and applique respectively) but had such a lovely fresh modern feel. I could see them on the bed of an uber swanky teenager's room
My Fairytale Garden by Lyn Bell

Rebecca's Beauty by Teresa Keown
And last but certainly not least, my personal favourite. This is the one that got my vote for viewers choice. It is no secret that I LOVE butterflies. This one was around a corner and hit me in the face. Then I got closer and realised that all the colours in the butterfly wings were hundreds of tiny little individually fused pieces.
Exotic Butterflies by Lyn White
The polka dots were just perfect
And see those teeeny little mosaic bricks? Bliss.

I took so many more photos than I posted here. But so many of them were blurry and it was impossible to do the quilts justice.

That got the creative juices flowing!


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