Thursday, 15 January 2015


Determination and sheer bloody-mindedness have resulted in a new handbag in time for Manawatu Symposium.

Car pool is arranged, now I just have one problem.

First of all, I need to share.  My teaser post the other week was the result of seeing this post by the extraordinary Cheryl Sleboda. It is a technique to use liquid modelling clay to make appliques that you can sew onto fabric.

Quick Tips:
This stuff STICKS to your sewing machine foot. I ended up covering the bottom of a presser foot with masking tape to get it to slide over the appliques to stitch them down. 

I covered each one with a layer of masking tape to be able to quilt around the edges.

Go 'lil machine go!
Once I found a work around with my quilting foot issue (see previous swear-y post), the bag came together really quickly.

Look! All done!
Van Gogh Tardis Handbag!

Pretty feathers on the back.
And I didn't loose a finger doing them

While taking a couple of nice-ish photos to share, I had a small issue.



"Look mum, it fits my dog perfectly"

Sod it.


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