Sunday, 27 April 2014

Wrestling with a monster

No matter how much free motion work you do, nothing really prepares you for wrestling with a big quilt.

I usually work on up to single bed size when doing free motion work. Even then I usually find ways to break the quilt doing into smaller sections to join together later when fully quilted.

Can't do that for my dragon and as she is queen sized....

Back to red-wine quilting for me. I do my best work when I have something that will stain horribly sitting beside the machine. Red wine has the added advantages of helping keep the old shoulders relaxed and after a few, I do a lot less unpicking (Fuck it, no one will see that, I'm not ripping it out!).

My least favourite job, burying ends
My dragon needs a name too. She is not a girly/princess dragon like the dragon in Shrek, nor is she an angry hoarder like Smaug.

She is more like Tintaglia from Robin Hobb's Liveship series. But she is the wrong colours.

She could be Fente, one of the young RainWild dragon queens from Dragon Haven. But what about other books/mythology? Lets make a shortlist.

Fente, from RainWild

Evelyn, just because

Path (a Pern dragon), ridden by Mirrim of Benden Weyr

Malachite or Olivine (for the shades of green in her)

Violet (for her wings)

Boudica, named for Queen Boudica of the Celts (a fairly kick-ass gal)

I'm leaning towards Fente. She is a young queen, and can be quite social and chatty with humans but other dragons piss her off, especially if they are beneath her physically or mentally. As such she has a wee bit of a temper on her.


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