Thursday, 6 March 2014

Nearly two projects down!

Working hard over here! I have finished my new favourite quilt "Shine bright, sleep tight". Great big scrappy polka dot stars for short critic #2's big girl bed.
Helper #2 assisting with quality control
This quilt is completely reversable with brights on the other side.
I think she likes it..
Also (almost) finished is my family tree quilt I have been making for a little lad that lost his father just before Christmas.

Here it is all pinned up ready to quilt:

Once I have finished quilted it, I need to add all the boy's family critters to the tree.  I will hopefully have that done before guild next week!

Then I can work on my BIG project of the year - an entry into the guild exhibition. That is the only project I am going to be working on once the tree has been finished. I will need all the time I can scrounge for sewing.

Last time I turned a few heads with SteamPunk, but in a traditional medallion style.  Let's see what the ladies think of dragons this time. Will post photos when there is something to see.