Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A family tree

This year the Wellington Quilt Guild has their bi-annual exhibition. I have been working on my design for a LOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG time and I have been really looking forward getting stuck into it. I only have until mid-August to get it finished to give me time to wash and block it before submitting it for the show {panic!}

Unfortunately just before Christmas my extended family had some dramas, resulting in my quilt having to take a back seat while I made a little boy a comfort quilt. That quilt is done now. I made him a family tree, with fat green caterpillars for each of the members of his family and bright yellow butterflies for family members who have passed away
L's Family Tree
Pretty and straight stitches!

Even properly labelled
In the interests speed I used two techniques I usually don't - printing the label rather than hand sewing or writing it, and machine finished binding. Both turned out much better than usual! Yay, I don't mind sending them out to others when they actually look up to my usual standards heh.

Which means.....

I can start putting thread to fabric on MY project....
Shhhh secret squirrel

And no, I am not allowed to relax quietly in the sun by myself. I have to have company with sharp bits
Die hammock, die!