Tuesday, 3 May 2016

So Easy To Break a Good Habit

A while ago I had a secret squirrel project that I couldn't share photos of. Because I couldn't share photos I didn't write much about it either.

Then we had to move house as our landlords sold the house we were living in. so we ended up homeless, camping in my parents spare rooms for a couple of months.

Then we moved into our new rental house.

A very tressful year later, most of my sewing supplies are still in boxes and I am subconsciously terrified of unpacking it all properly just to be told we have to move again.

In between it all, I have a couple of projects that I have progressed through and even completed. But wouldn't you know it, I have totally lost the habit of updating my blog.

I'm sorry interwebs. I will do better. Once I organise my head again into blogging mode I will post an update with lots of pictures of what I have been doing.

For now, cherrio!

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