Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Fun and games (with extra fun points at the bottom)

While not all directly quilty, I have been having some fantastic crafty fun the last couple of weeks cobbling together costumes for the whole family for AetherCon Wellington. A small Steam Punk convention this weekend just been.

First of all, purely quilty - my latest little able student with her doll quilt ready to hand stitch the the binding down:

CH so (rightfully) proud of herself
After sorting out 4 costumes, I was missing something. An appropriate handbag! Sacrifice of an old, damaged trashy hardcover (oooooh did that feel WRONG though). Aged metal cover, check. Fabric lining glued and sewn in for safety, check. Minor injury achieved  during assembly, check.

New Steam Punk handbag!
Minor injury so worth it!
Plenty big enough for the essentials
And now for the really fun part. Us all dressed up:
My little spy Rocketeer, with a light up rocket pack
The mad scientist complete with evil mustache and crazy eyebrows

Close up of Lady Vapour's corset (dealer in perfumes and poisons)

My happy crazy family (yes that is a teeny corset on a 2yo - CUTE!)
The suave Murtagh Burr down from Whangarei for the event
And the bonus fun points from the ball later in the evening - Lady Vapour and Murtagh with a steam punked Captain Jack Sparrow in a kilt!!!

Because this is what we do!


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