Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Wellington Quilters Guild Exhibition - A Snapshot

We recently held our bi-annual quilt exhibition, but due to numerous family illnesses, I have not had the chance to post any pictures yet!

A couple of disclosures first:
1) I love white glove duty! Getting to lurk? Quietly following around groups of people that know a bit about quilting, or just have strong opinions on what they like is really entertaining. I loved listening to the conversations of people and getting to look at the quilts on show with new eyes.

2) The battery on my camera was nearly dead (yes I forgot to check). These photos were taken really quickly and with no flash, so they are mostly bad photos - sorry!

This is not a juried exhibition (no one is pre-judging the quilts that get hung for a "good" show). Every paid up member of the guild has the right to have a quilt shown regardless of skill level. That is great for those of us that get daunted by the guild heavy-weights!  We also did not have a lot of hand work on display, which means I was a bit gutted I chickened out of putting my Mustard Madness quilt in as well as Fente Hunts.

Enough of the talky bits, these are just the quilts that spoke to me.

Fiona's Birthday Quilt by Vivienne Ellison

Antique Afternoon Tea Delight, by Jeannette Orr

Anemones, by Merle Roberts (RIP Merle)

Hockey Rules, by one of our Guild's 2 junior members

Dreaming of New York, by Heather Uwins-England (this one won a slew of well deserved awards)

Scraps n' Shirt Tails, by the inimitable Fyvie Murray

Barry's Quilt by Nancy Goggin
Modern Quilt #1 by Alison Elliot (who kindly let me take the picture with her in it!)
A selection of lovely small quilts
From top left:
Te Awaiti Sunset by Adrienne Howard (started in a class with Gloria Loughman at Taupo Symposium)
Towards Houtbay by Teresa Vaughan (also started in a class with Gloria Loughman at Taupo Symposium)
A Slice of Wellington by Nanette Clough
Algal Bloom by Christine Singleton

Close ups of my fave two in the bunch:
Towards Houtbay

A slice of Wellington
 And last but not least, our family contributions.

My portrait challenge entry:
I Do, by Kelly Warriner-Simpson
My Pet Dog, by Short Critic #1

Fente Hunts, by Kelly Warriner-Simpson
Hope you like my little snapshot.


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