Saturday, 6 September 2014

Working on some cool projects

But not able to share photos yet.

The big one is a quilt that will eventually be a birthday present for my lovely brother-in-law for a big number birthday that is coming up in a couple of years.

I know I have plenty of time to get this one done so I was planning on taking my time, playing with a few ideas and seeing what came together closer to the event.

I wanted something very blokey as he is a long time bachelor, but still stylish (as I have high hopes of him finding the perfect woman one day). I had several ideas floating around that would have been great but none of them really wheedled to get pushed to the top of the to-do list so I have let it sit for a while.

Dresden rulers are great fun, aren't they? Loving just cutting wedges and playing. I started noodling around with some scrummy yellow and tan fabrics that reminded me of sunflowers in the summer. My Mum would LOVE them too bad I looked at them with different eyes a wee while ago and saw how much like cog wheels they look when placed closer than a standard "Dresden Plate" layout.

More than any other person I have met, my B.I.L. is a thinker. He is quiet and reserved and in social situations sits back and observes everything - and then comes out with a one-line zinger that absolutely floors anyone in hearing range. He has a wicked sense of humour and If I hear a sudden lull in conversation followed by raucous laughter in the corner of the room I know he has come out with something that stunned everyone for a moment.

So we have a quilt top nearly at completed flimsy stage, with a working title of "Can you see the cogs turn?" I can't post photos, because at the rate I'm working, I might actually have it finished in time for entries to Symposium. The Manawatu Symposium has new rules that for all categories but one, entries can not have been displayed elsewhere (including on blogs) so have to keep it under wraps.

That one category for quilts that have been shown elsewhere is going to be a big one I think!


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