Saturday, 31 May 2014

Oops I almost missed May!

I have been so busy working hard, I had completely forgotten that I hadn't posted anything in here in a while.

I have been working on binding Fente (after re-reading some of the books, she is definitely Fente), and man alive I did not make things easy on myself. Even though I made my apple cores quite big, it is a sharp corner on each turn of the edge of this quilt.

Just to make life more fun, I have gone with putting in a ric-rac peeper along the binding. This means that after you make the binding, you have to tack the ric-rac along the raw edge of the binding in just the right place so that when you sew it to the quilt juuuuussst the right amount of ric-rac pokes through, then you have to make sure you sew your binding on with the right seam allowance so your don't completely screw up all your hard work. 

Ric-rac basted to the edge of my binding

All nine metres of it.

I'm using 7 times as many pins as I ever use pinning the binding down to sew it! And helper #1 IS NOT HELPING. He has decided that the best thing to do on a cold winter afternoon is to hide under the quilt I am trying to pin and attack my fingers until I let go of it enough that he can roll over in his nest, rolling it off the side of the table, and this is the view I get under the table:

He has done this to me more than once....
I do love the look the hard work is giving me, but I am still not decided if I like the "LOOK AT ME" of the white binding. I want it to frame the quilt and draw attention to the shape of the edge, but may still change it for another colour...

But doesn't it look fabulous?


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