Monday, 25 November 2013

What a busy month!

Hi everyone.

I know I have been quite on here lately, but I have definitely been busy behind the scenes. 

The best news for me is I completed my class out at Quiltworks in Lower Hutt.  I ended up with Two lovely ladies L & H in my class who were both real characters.

They haven't quite finished their quilts but are both nearly there and have promised to send me photos to post up here when they are done

I've been looking at the pattern I have been teaching them and have been tossing around ideas using the same technique but for a completely different pattern. One that is completely mine.  No pictures yet but I'm looking at stars!

What I do have pictures for is this:

My new little Christmas wall hanging. That hides a little surprise. Under one of those presents is a teeny little switch. That turns on all the little LED Christmas lights that are hidden inside the quilt.

I'll get a night time photo with all the lights on later tonight and get that posted too.

Post again soon!

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