Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The wheels grind slowly

What feels like a long time ago now, I joined my Quilters Guild. I wanted to reach out to my own "kind" and learn from peers.  But I also wanted to find a way to use my skills to help others and I know the guild is very active in charity work.

I looked around at the work they did and saw the big group of ladies that work on quilts for the neo-natal ward of the hospital, and the ones that make quilts for Women's refuge and they are awesome causes, but are already well staffed.

One that wasn't and was crying out for more volunteers was the dedicated group of ladies that work in the local women's prison teaching the ladies there how to quilt.

Well after a long time waiting for the volunteer co-ordinators to sort the paperwork out, I finally did my induction course on the weekend. As soon as my ID is done, I can start helping.

Going through the metal detectors was no different from catching a flight, but walking through the "sally port" where one gate slams behind you and you wait for the next to open in front of you takes the cake as one of the most surreal experiences in my life.

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