Friday, 31 May 2013

I did it!!!

I'm officially out there!

I have opened my shop and have just finished uploading my first set of patterns.  I present to you the first part of my Greek Candy Pops range:
Available on NZ$6.00 each
At the moment, each of those three cushions are available individually.  I am just finishing up the fine details on a pattern that is the full set.

I also have a sofa throw to match that I am working on at the moment, and when that is done, it will be available as well as part of a bundle with a bonus forth cushion pattern that won't be for sale individually.

So these were going to be in the royal blue/white colour combination of traditional greek tile mosaics from which they were inspired, but I like my brights too much! And when I stumbled on the polka dot brights jelly-roll at my local spotlight store my colour decisions were made for me. These are really great patterns for using up left-over strips from a jelly-roll you love or raid your scrap bin for a more shabby-chic look.

Sneak peak of the sofa throw to come:
Just a wee bit of the sofa throw
Now these do have a pile of little teeny tiny squares, but there is an awesome shhh secret squirrel method included in the patterns that keeps them all in order and keeps all your seams nice and straight.

So in short:  SQUEEE!

Time to have a much needed glass of wine then start quilting the throw.

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