Saturday, 13 April 2013

Starting a progress checklist

I have discovered after years of not knowing which way my head is screwed on, that I need to keep track of what I'm working on and make myself accountable otherwise I have a habit of  forgetting about a WIP and it quickly becomes a UFO.  I am determined not to create any more UFO's this year.  So far so good.

But I think, that once a month or so I need to keep track.  Plus it is an excuse to post photos!

Current Stats (progress this week in italics)

WIPs (4)

Mustard mayhem.  Hand applique, alternate quilted wreaths.  QAYG. 11 blocks finished of 15. 2 blocks being quilted and 2 not started the quilting yet.

Libby's blanket. Top finished and sent to the lovely Sue B for a quick all-over design. Will still need to bind it.

Colour me dotty. 5 more dots sewn. Only a couple of hundred left to go.

Table dreams. All of the blocks are done and have to work out the filler blocks now

Finishes (1)
Libby's blanket (it's finished as far as it can be while it's on Sue's long-arm!)

New Projects (2)

QAYG lap quilt with my stitchy Saturday ladies.  Fabric purchased.  Desperately want to start, but refuse to until I have at least got all my blocks for Mustard mayhem quilted and joined in rows.

2013 Guild challenge. I have finally settled on what I want to do for my challenge quilt, I now have to check that it is going to fit in the required dimensions.

Helper #2.  Helping.

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